VISA - 2016 NFL Draft



Talespin was tasked with creating compelling virtual reality content for Visa’s on-site activation at the 2016 NFL Draft in Chicago’s Grant Park.  The approved creative direction sent Talespin’s VR crews to shoot with four separate, highly-ranked draft candidates to produce a short VR biography on each of them. The immersive experience got fans up-close-and-personal with these massively talented athletes. 

  • Talespin helped in creating four VR experiences alongside Strivr for Visa that premiered at the 2016 NFL Draft.
  • VR experiences took fans inside their daily training routine to see what it takes to become a NFL draft pick.
  • Talespin utilized Nokia’s brand new OZO camera to shoot the pieces.
  • Over 4,200 on-site demos were presented to fans at the NFL Draft


Each of the four the athletes were interviewed on camera and performed some aspect of their daily training routine, giving fans an idea of the strength, speed, and the work ethic it takes to become a top draft pick.  In addition to shooting day exteriors on a football field, we shot interior weight rooms and fully enclosed, often dimly-lit, practice fields.  All shots were to be static, reducing potential complexity and risk of motion sickness for first time VR viewers.  However, time with each athlete would be limited which meant using a camera rig with an efficient user interface and low threshold for error.  Talespin was among the first teams to shoot such a high profile production on Nokia’s brand new OZO camera.  




Each of the athletes had shifting schedules and were going into one of the most important weeks of their lives.  Tailspin had to carefully factor in their needs, as well as work with the narrow and shifting time window to fly to multiple U.S. cities to shoot each rising star.



Over 4,200 on-site demos were given to fans during their trip to NFL Draft Town in Chicago’s Grant Park.  Additionally, over a million more saw the experience online in three days, yielding Visa’s most successful fan activation ever. 

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