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Using VR, Bank of America and Visa partnered to give fans an inside look at what it was like to be a player for the New England Patriots.  VISA reached out to Tailspin and trusted VR sports training company STRIVR Labs due to their league and player relationships.  Once STRIVR identified the concept for the VR experience, an on-site fan activation at Gillette Stadium was planned where 30,000 Google Cardboards were to be given away.  Simultaneously,  large booths were to be erected in the Fan Zone and on the Concourse where Fans could watch the content using the Oculus or GEAR VR.  STIRVR immediately enlisted Talespin to help execute the project.

  • Bank of America & Visa commission a VR Fan Experience for New England Patriots
  • Strivr and Talespin work together arm in arm to produce  the VR experience
  • 5 Weeks to deliver
  • On Game day, 30,000 Google Cardboards and 2200 VR Demos were given to fans


Utilizing insider access from Strivr’s previous VR sport training in work with the Patriots, Talespin and Strivr partnered to create an experience that would transport the viewer to the behind the scenes action in the locker room, on the practice field, and to give them a sense of what it was like to stand on the field on game day.  The experience was to be launched at Gillette Field for fans during a game in early December 2015.  We wanted to get as many fans through the experience on game day as well as make the VR experience something they would remember.




With this being the first time that many of the stakeholders had ever experienced VR, it was going to be tight.



Together with Strivr, Talespin built a widely successful VR fan experience.  Along with the 30,000 Google Cardboards that were distributed, the project was demonstrated to over 2,200 fans on site and reached millions online through Facebook 360 and YouTube 360.

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