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Evrybit is a mobile-first live storytelling app that allows users to create and edit multimedia stories in real time, collaborate and distribute media, find and engage with consumers, and monetize content. Stories told with Evrybit can be embedded on websites, distributed on mobile devices, shared on social media and integrated with content management systems.

We were engaged to enhance the existing Evrybit user interface to provide a more immersive and interactive end user experience that would improve usability and engagement. The complete redesign needed to be realized in 4 weeks or less with the end deliverables being properly prepared for a seamless handoff to development teams.

  • The client wanted to enhance the existing mobile first app to create, collaborate, and edit stories in real-time
  • The less the app interfered with the content creation process the better
  • We had 4 weeks to complete the redesign


Creating a mobile user experience that delights users is much more than just creative work, it requires design, business, and engineering teams all working together in close collaboration. With the various team members, we started off by evaluating the user needs to create a desirable product, identifying the business needs to determine the product’s viability, and assessing the technical needs to decide the product’s feasibility. Through this collaborative process, we collectively determined the overall design, direction, and technical strategy for the Evrybit mobile application.

Since Evrybit was a content app at its core, it was fundamental to the app’s success that we provide a better interface and workflow to enable users to create great content.  What it boiled down to was: the less the app interfered with the user’s ability to capture and tell their story, the better the content the user would produce. And the better content, the higher the engagement. To accomplish this, we designed the interface with context in mind, factoring in the user’s anticipated environment and circumstances of usage to allow for intuitive and effortless interaction. Additionally, we isolated the core features of the application to ensure the user had everything needed to get their job done without confusing them along the way.




We had a max of 4 weeks from the time the contracts were signed to when we would deliver the final assets to the customer.  We delivered full design assets prepped for development in about 3 weeks, beating the required timeline.



Together Evrybit and Talespin conceptualized and designed a unique and engaging mobile application that allows user to capture and tell their stories naturally.  The Evrybit mobile application is poised to become the leading storytelling app in the App Store.

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