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VerX is undertaking a powerful mission to bring internet to the underprivileged and most remote parts of the globe. Unlike Google’s Loon and Facebook’s, VerX believes you have to live in the community to understand how access to the internet will change their lives. Therefore they are taking on more boots on the ground approach to their suggested solution. We were asked to help create a brand, message the mission, and create the materials to start their process of securing global partners.

  • Incredibly complex cultural issues play a huge factor in the success in bringing internet to these remote communities.
  • Brand has to be cross cultural.
  • Initial site is to develop key partnerships so corporate ethos was important to message.
  • Had to be very clear that this is not a "vaporware" project. Real and tangible process needed to be conveyed.


We needed to have a deeper understanding of the ethos of the company and its goals in order to do our job well. To do so we dove into meetings and learned about the why. It became clear that the VerX team deeply believed that their mission was a delicate one and that it had to be something that came from the community in order to gain traction. Bringing in an outsider's perspective of how the internet would affect some of these communities was no better than jumping in and expecting them to speak a language they had never heard before.




The timeline to build the brand story to go along with the technical product solution that was already well underway was only a matter of 6 weeks.  In that time we would create the brand, write all copy to message the product, create product renders, shoot video content, and make sure that all the parts of the branding aligned with the above concerns.



VerX is on its way to paving a path for people at the fringes of modern society to be welcomed into the information age.  Where they go from there will be up to them.  We continue to work with VerX on the next steps of their global strategy.

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