College Football Recruiting Turns to VR



As the college football season progressed in the fall of 2015, many universities that were already clients of Strivr's VR training products wanted to use virtual reality to give some of the nation’s top athletes a glimpse of what it would be like to attend their school and play for their program.

The challenge was creating a volume of high quality content that had to be delivered quickly and with moving schedules based on the ups and downs of their seasons.

  • Top universities used VR as a new way to recruit student athletes
  • Complete understanding of VR post and production was necessary for fast turnaround and high volume output
  • Through VR, student athlete prospects were transported to universities they had not visited yet, giving them a more clear vision of attending that university


We rapidly mobilized a creative and post production unit to quickly and efficiently accommodate moving deadlines according to each school’s needs.  As the football season progressed, and schools were eliminated from bowl game contention, coaching staffs would immediately hit the road in the hunt for new recruits.  This year they were to be armed with a new recruiting too:  A VR experience demonstrating the team, camaraderie and spirit of their respective programs.  it was different though as virtual reality became a weapon in their arsenal to help sell some of the nation’s best athletes on where their collegiate future might reside.




We were given 8 weeks from start to finish to deliver over 20 VR experiences for some of the nation’s top schools, including Clemson, Stanford, Auburn, and many more



Not only has Strivr successfully signed up their clients for another year of using their revolutionary VR sports training products, but the highlight and recruiting reels were a huge success with, alumni, staff, and coaches.  The use of the technology was a perfect match for the content and desired outcome.

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