Turning Data Into Action



When Emergent Data Group (EDG) were struck with the problem of translating the often complex processes of their data-driven services to a wider audience, they needed a helping hand to make sure that the integrity of the EDG brand was not sacrificed as a result of simplification. By hiring Talespin to help craft their message, EDG was given the perfect platform to lay out their company’s brand and services both in a way that promotes business collaboration and instills confidence.

  • Emergent Data Group decided the company needed a rebrand and approached Talespin to help after seeing their work on VerX
  • The brand must encapsulate simplicity as well as well as strength and integrity
  • EDG’s rebanding and site build was 4 weeks from initial contact to launched site


Talespin set out to develop a simple, clean and responsive web page for EDG’s clients to visit. EDG was able to transform complex subject matter into an easily accessible site to spur business development conversations around their early products.   By categorizing the site into easily digestible components, from large graphics to boxed snippets of information, each web visitor was able to understand the fundamental principles upon which EDG operates.




Once EDG said go, the partners set to work in designing a concise, free-flowing, user-friendly webpage that condensed a relatively complex subject and business offering into manageable content blocks. Once the new branding was established, content and graphics were in place, EDG set out on a global business development effort.



EDG, following the revamp and rebranding of their company, found that the new and improved landing page increased their ability to approach high level executives and start to explain their value proposition.   Interest could be gauged by the average time a visitors spend navigating the site, as well as the click and view rate. Feedback from clients and professional peers proved healthy, and EDG, as a direct result of using Talespin’s service, continue to enjoy a smooth and efficient business development process as they launch a wider effort to make their data-driven content palatable, pristine, and actionable for their customers.

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