Hango is an app looking to make outings easier, so you can create and share more memories. Hango organizes your friends into one group, maps them so you never lose track of each other, and collects all of the group’s photos and videos so the outing becomes one unified story.  Think of it like an episode of your outing.

We set out with the Hango team to design and develop the mobile application from scratch.

  • App empowers friends who attend an event together to share their photos, videos, and experiences
  • Getting users to create content inside the app is the main barrier
  • Project scope was from ideation to product development
  • Three Months timeline


This project required end-to-end product development, from ideation to definition to design to implementation.  Coming out of the ideation phase, we had brainstormed a massive list of desired features.  It was absolutely key that we cut the list down to only essential features so that we could target an MVP (minimum viable product) to go to market with.  Our strategy was to put the app in the hands of users as quickly as possible so we could iterate based on their feedback.

One of the primary issues we faced was incentivizing users to create content inside the app in the form of messages, photos, and videos.  To solve this, we gamified the experience by rewarding users for every bit of content they posted.  We also created a clean and intuitive user interface to allow users to seamlessly create and add their experiences.

Users can create their own micro-social networks, (AKA HANGO group) and share messages/photos/videos/location amongst the group.  Once the user creates or joins the group, they can access a map view of the outing members to track where they are relative to one another.  Additionally, users are incentivized to be active and engaged through the use of game dynamics.




We had 3 months to define, design and develop the MVP Hango mobile application.  Our Agile development process allowed us to test early and often, putting the app in the hands of users well before the deadline.



Talespin and Hango delivered an engaging, intuitive mobile application that has grown to become a go-to product for music festival attendees.  We continued to iterate on the product with Hango to ensure the product delivered to the needs of its users.  

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