Paramount Pictures approached Sticky Studios and Talespin to create a unique game for Interstellar.  Working alongside Christopher Nolan and Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist, known for his contributions in gravitational physics and astrophysics. We worked off his scientific studies, to create a game that follows the gravitational physics, time dilation & visualization of black holes accurately. We kept out inter-planet gravitation, or else 99.9% of the user created solar systems would collapse.

The team focused on building a game that taught tough physics and space lessons through immersive game play.  The film team wanted the gaming experience to be endless in order to increase curiosity about the film.

The challenge was to bridge the gap between educational content and creating a stellar gaming experience for this new blockbuster title.  To do that we conceptualized a game that allowed players to create their own solar system, customize planets and stars, and then pilot the Endurance spaceship through your and other’s galaxies to see just how far you could explore before running out of fuel.  Using some of the mechanics of extending the flight time that were used in the film, players could slingshot past black holes and use gravitational forces to extend their journey.

  • Paramount Pictures approach the Talespin team to build a game for their upcoming Blockbuster film, Interstellar
  • We were tasked with building an endless game that played on the themes and mechanics of the film while delivering educational content about the universe and its forces
  • Endorsed by theoretical physicist Kip Thorne
  • More than 250K galaxies were created
  • 4MM downloads


In order to make people engaged, we focused on creating a journey for people where they were able to navigate their spaceship in a vast and ever-growing galaxy. By developing a game where you can create your own unique solar system shared with friends and add it to the galaxy map. Players weren’t only participating in the game, but also shaping the game environment itself.





We published Interstellar game 2.5 months prior to film release. Had 250,000 solar systems created by users within 3 months of release. Over 4MM downloads and 17mins average session time played.

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