Launching a Creative Campus



Siren Studios was evolving from a sound and photo stage rental business to a full service content creation campus.  To launch the new image, Siren planned a launch event at the Sundance Film Festival and Talespin was asked to create a new brand film to capture the energy, image, and vision of the company’s new direction.

  • Timeline to launch was extremely tight
  • Needed to build new identity and corporate strategy into the launch video
  • Video had to accomplish its message visually as it would play in loud launch event and sound could not be counted on


Siren is an ideal company for Talespin to come in and help propel their vision.  In this case their business is enabling other creators and giving them the tools / canvas to do their life’s best work.  To capture this, Talespin wanted to portray a vision of an integrated content creation campus that felt like it was just within reach, yet somehow more sophisticated and connected than the competitors.  We also have very practical needs in that the video needed to show off much of what the campus has to offer.

We choose to portray the campus by following a production coordinator that embodied style, grace, and a sense of ease in her ability to control all that was happening on campus in a single day.




1 Day to shoot and 5 Days to post in order to hit the Sundance deadline for the launch party.  VERY TIGHT.



The launch was hugely successful and the campus has since become home to Buzzfeed, one of the world’s strongest content creation engines.  Siren continues to embody the style and tone in all that they do and that we were able to capture in the marketing.   The company is expanding so that they can enable more creators with the tools and environment to find modern inspiration.

Watch the completed Launch Video Below.


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