Oscars Dive Into VR



ABC approached STRIVR and Talespin to create behind the scenes technology for fans and viewers to explore the preparation and execution of the 2016 Oscars. From walking the star-studded red carpet to looking down on the action via aerial views from Jimmy Kimmel’s soundstage across the street, viewers were able to experience the glamorous night in virtual reality, just as if they were there.

  • VR is used by ABC to give viewers behind the scenes access leading up to the Oscars
  • Strivr and Talespin partner to produce the content. Talespin provided consultation to ABC regarding distribution of the content, ultimately leading to its release om Littlstar
  • 1 Week to deliver on the first piece and under 24 hourturn around on the VR experience that was launched the night of the broadcast
  • On Oscar night, the VR project was demonstrated on air during the live broadcast, and then viewer were able to visit to experience it themselves after show


There were to be two pieces to help create excitement leading up to the special night.  The first was VR experience at the famed Governor’s Ball and the second was live from the Red Carpet, just prior to arrivals.  Talespin and Strivr partnered to create the VR experiences that would transport the viewer to the behind the scenes action preparing for the Oscars and walking the red carpet, giving them a sense of what it was like to party at the Governors Ball.  The first experience was to be launched one week prior to Sunday night’s 88th Academy Awards, while the second would go live during the Oscar Pre-Show.  Littlstar was brought in as the distribution partner for ABC and to help establish a home for the future of their VR content. 




The lead up and pre-production process was 2-3 weeks as it was ABC’s first experience in producing VR content for an event like the Oscars, however production was accomplished in 1 week.



The team built two wildly successful VR experiences. The project was demonstrated on air during the live broadcast on the night of the Oscars and then viewers were able to visit to experience it themselves.

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