Pacific Rim



Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures wanted to take a unique approach to the mobile game marketing initiative on Pacific Rim because they felt that a single game would not appeal to the diverse audience that they were marketing the film too.  Our team developed a strategy that would entail multiple interactive experiences, all with a focus on engaging different channels for fan engagement leading up to the release of the film Pacific Rim.

The first gaming experience was an augmented reality game whereby players used their mobile phone camera to capture an environment and then project a fully interactive Kaiju battle on top of a real-world surface. Additionally, users could position a 3D Kaiju as an augmented reality element inside a captured photo. Once placed the Kaiju 3D object adjusted its reflection and lighting, creating an illusion of the object being present in the photo.  

Second, the Jaeger Combat Simulator was a mobile and web-based game whereby the player embodied a Jaeger battle robot aiming to take down the Kaiju’s.  This training and battle game allowed users to equip their selected Jaeger with weapons and pilots, then enter the simulator to take on 4 missions battling the Kaiju.

  • We created two gaming experiences for Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures around their upcoming franchise title Pacific Rim
  • First was a cross platform battle game where players could design their Jeager and take down the Kaiju
  • Second was an augmented reality game where players could bring their Jeager battles to the real world right in front of them
  • 320K posters shared on social media through Jaeger Designer web-app
  • Over 10MM gameplays


As stated in above, the Talespin team outlined a strategy whereby WB and Legendary used 3 different gaming experiences to reach a wide range of their potential audience and engage the fan community. The market was segmented, and different experiences were built to appeal to each demographic.

We created a 3rd web-app The Jaeger Designer, which provided an easy-to-use interface to create a personalized 3D Jaeger. Users replaced individual body parts, customized materials and added decals. The end result then could be shared as a film poster on social media, including Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. The customized Jaeger could also be loaded into the Combat Simulator game.

We then also teamed up with Qualcomm on the Jaeger vs Kaiju augmented reality game to produce a first of its kind gaming experience. The resulting game allowed players to place and control a Jaeger battle right on their desk or coffee table in front of them. Players could then record the battle and share it with their friends and family. Allowing the Pacific Rim characters to come to life in the fan’s real world, connecting the fan to the franchise in a new and unique way. As Hololens, Magic Leap and other AR devices come to market, this style of gaming can be taken to the next level.




Building three gaming experiences inside of 5 months takes an experienced game design and development studio.  Even though it was quite the challenge to deliver the games using new technology like Qualcomm’s augmented reality engine, the team managed to deliver on time and on budget.



70% of the users playing Jaeger Combat Simulator completed the game.  With an average of 20 minutes of engagement time per user for Jaeger Combat game. And over 125,000 posters shared on social media, the exposure created through that mobile experience was unprecedented.

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