Building a Global Content Service



Studio E3 aimed its sights on enabling a variety of telecommunications, cable, retail, and other players globally with a fully featured video on demand solution to power the shift from their existing (legacy) infrastructure and operations to the new fully digital and Over the Top (OTT) infrastructure of players like Netflix, Amazon and Apple.

  • OTT content offerings are rapidly changing market by market
  • Cultural differences needed to be accounted for in design and business strategy
  • Unique business partner model meant for long client education cycle
  • Time to first deployment was extremely tight


Our software development team came together for the first time on this project.  We needed to build a team that understood the complexities of privacy, content recommendation, the ability to scale the demands of the backend, and deliver a first class application across iOS, Android, Web, and dedicated hardware.  To do so we combined a world class systems architect with great dedicated teams for each of the platforms, and engaged some of the best designers in the world to build a simple and elegant user experience.




The timeline to launch was approximately 6 months when the project started however business complications of the size and scale of customers that Studio E3 was attracting stretched it much longer.  While development could have hit the original target for a V1 of the product, the extended timeline allowed for a V2 of the UI and much deeper research to be completed across a number of the most important third party components.



The product was well received by clients all over the globe and Studio E3 continues to engage in new contracts with customers.

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