Rivo is an event discovery platform that allows users to find, follow and synchronize with calendars that interest them. The calendars operate as either topic or location-centric content channels that stream information about relevant upcoming events, and the channels themselves can be created and managed by the persons or organizations who are curating the details. Users can browse these channels by featured lists, categories and topics as well as by general search.   

Rivo engaged Talespin to design and implement new features for the iOS portion of the platform as well as consult and assist with updates on the associated product websites and backend infrastructure. Talespin’s design, engineering and management leads worked closely with counterparts on the Rivo team to define and align on priorities as well as identify key touch points across the product spectrum. Our objective was to capitalize on the forward momentum of the existing platform and, in parallel, find ways to innovate and improve the production ecosystem at a rapid pace.   

  • Rivo & Talespin joined in partnership to develop iOS platform and backend infrastructure
  • Talespin implemented a design strategy to create a simple and nuanced user experience
  • iOS app was programmed using native coding  
  • Website & backend infrastructure were deployed by using Amazon Web Services platform
  • Rivo was successfully submitted on the App Store in 2016 summer holiday season


Rivo was conceived and built on the idea that finding something to do or somewhere to go should be quick and easy. Talespin drew upon this mindset to propose and implement a design strategy that streamlined the event discovery process and provided a user experience that was at once both simple and nuanced. The backend team complemented this effort by optimizing and expanding the server-side architecture to support new tools and services that would effectively power and data source the client-side changes. Talespin’s management team chartered and organized the cross-functional problem set using agile tools and fundamentals to identify interrelated dependencies and negotiate schedules and milestones to align the critical paths.




Talespin was allotted 3 months to design and implement components across the board.



The Rivo iOS app was programmed using native code for the best possible combination of performance and long term maintainability. The product websites and backend infrastructure were built and deployed using products and services provided by the Amazon Web Services platform.  Incremental deliverables shipped along the way to meet critical market objectives, including App Store submissions that aligned with the 2016 summer holiday season.  

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