Scaling with Opportunity



When building what is arguably the world’s most advanced virtual reality camera and workflow system, JAUNT Studios created a need for seasoned production personnel who are experienced with standard production procedures and whose skills could be advanced to seamlessly blend with the emerging and rapidly evolving technology.

  • Virtual reality was/is largely seen as an unproven format
  • Responses to crew & tech would be/remains mixed, but clients are often leery
  • Virtual reality crews would be working alongside or even "piggy-backing" conventional production crews
  • Productions would often be high-profile


In order to scale up the crew base, Talespin hand-picked personnel to train in VR and on complex, proprietary tech such as the JAUNT ONE camera. Training candidates as VR Camera Operators/Assistants and 360 Digital Imaging Technicians succeeded where skill sets were equally matched with a willingness to learn something new and radically different.

In order to operate efficiently, Talespin determined that VR production departments would have to evolve even more than their technical counterparts. This included Producers’ processes of managing creative direction, client expectations and client review, notation and delivery.  It also included Production Managers evolving their scheduling, budgeting and production skill sets.  Again, we found those using proven SOP’s as a foundation for this emerging format were successful, while those unwilling to build new skills on that foundation had difficulty adapting and succeeding.




In four months Talespin produced, managed and/or crewed over 30 productions in VR for Jaunt.



The personnel selected, crews trained, and the high level of professionalism and expertise brought to content production, as well as a strong aptitude for VR, has resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients and partners. In addition to JAUNT VR this includes STRIVR, Supersphere, Visa, FOX and many others. Talespin continues to grow and service advanced production needs for current and new clients.

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