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The AllMobile Fund had been hard at work tracking down incredibly talented entrepreneurs and teams.  The investment portfolio was filling up.  It became time to re-think the message of the fund and connect the dots on the amazing potential inside the portfolio. Talespin was engaged to look at the value proposition of their companies with regards to how they might impact the next generation of storytelling and content creation.

  • AllMobile engages Talespin on strategy and branding
  • AllMobile's portfolio companies and Talespin collaborations will take many forms
  • Lean start-ups gain a huge advantage from access to a collaborative resource group like Talespin


By design we knew this day would come.  Talespin founder, Kyle Jackson, began working with AllMobile as one of the General Partners in early 2015 after searching for a investment firm that was focused on early stage investments in the AI and Big Data space.  Founded by Adriaan Ligtenberg, AllMobile’s strategy was perfectly in line with the profile of companies and teams that would pave the way for AI to become transformative to many business verticals.  

Once engaged with AllMobile, Jackson began looking to refine the message, bring additional investment to the fund, and start to work on collaborations between Talespin and the portfolio companies.




Bleeding edge technology moves fast but is often times ahead of the market in terms of monetization, outside partnerships, and educating users and collaborators.  Knowing this Talespin and AllMobile have a 5 year timeline to merge the AI engines inside AllMobile with the creative and technical talent of Talespin.



AllMobile's portfolio is proving to be a brilliant group of entrepreneurs that are tackling challenges that will impact all of us.  While the AI products of the portfolio today are largely mobile or web browser based, the opportunity to visualize them in new mediums is rapidly approaching.  The power of data that has been contextualized through AI when combined with creating a visual language for us to experience the intelligence locked up in that data, could change everything.  That is what comes next....

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