VR Sports Training Turns Creative Agency



In 2015, Strivr quickly emerged as the leader in sports training applications using VR.  Grabbing dozens of professional and college football teams in their 2015 seasons, Strivr was presented with a wide array of opportunities from further VR training applications in other sports to creative brand engagements and fan activations around their privileged access to some of the top athletes in the world.

Talespin was engaged to help scale production efforts, evaluate existing production processes, and work on R&D projects around new training applications that would blend live action footage and CG environments, data overlays, and more.

  • High profile athletes / teams meant the VR capture equipment had to stay out of the way
  • VR technology was quickly moving and a broader R&D effort was required
  • Strivr Studios expanding into sports related VR content meant a different set of skills was required than what existed in their own production teams
  • Talespin and Strivr partner to create a stronger overall team to address the opportunities at Strivr's front door


Over the past 15 years, several members of the Talespin team have had extensive experience in rolling out emerging camera and workflow technologies.  We have seen the mistakes made with the switch from analog to digital, HD to 4K, and now 4K to 360º.  We leveraged the lessons of the past to inform the process we take in evaluating new tools and processes in each individual case.

We needed to immediately jump in and help build a creative pipeline for fan experience opportunities to compliment Strivr’s already strong VR training products.  The first project out of the gate involved the NFL, Visa, Bank of America, and the New England Patriots.  On top of managing some of the largest brands in the world on one project, we were dealing with the first time that any of them had experienced virtual reality.  

Success on this first project would set the pace for the overall Talespin / Strivr collaboration and the stakes were high based on the partners of the fan experience that was being produced.




While the larger Talespin and Strivr partnership would continue well beyond this first project, Talespin had 5 weeks from the time the contracts were signed to when we would be on-site for the fan activation.  More can be read about this project under it’s case study here.



Together Strivr and Talespin continue to thrive.  Perfectly complimenting each other’s strengths, together we continue to build new VR experiences and VR training products that will not only help to define the future of sports but also the way fans experience their favorite teams and players.

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